Family Blog

Photo GalleryWe maintain our own little blog - The Hofmann Blog - where we post short snippets, videos, and photos about the latest happenings surrounding our family. Our favorite category on the blog must be "It's Funny" - stories that made us all laugh so hard, when they happened and for years to come. The kids spend hours reading up on our blog.

The Blog is not publicly accessible, but we are posting a few selected snippets below. The samples might change over time - depending on what the kids pick and how much time Daddy has for updating the Web site.

Wait, Wait, I saiD!

Little Kevin typically waits until the last second before going to the bathrooom. It’s quite common to see him running through the house, yelling “Wait, Waait, Waaait,…”, reminding himself to hold it in until the pants are down. This morning, we heard him again: “Wait, Waait, Waaait,…”, followed by short silence and then some whining. He finally arrives in our bedroom, complaining: “My pants are wet. I clearly said ‘Wait, Wait’, but it wouldn’t wait!” 

What a tan

Over the winter break, we went to warm Miami and came back nicely tanned. Back in school, Kevin had to use the bathroom. On his way back to the classroom the principal commented on his looks saying, “You are the tannest kid in school, where have you been?” “In the bathroom”, Kevin replied shyly.


Despite using the “total sun block lotion”, we all had noticeable sunburn coming home from our canoe trip on local waters. After a quick shower, Mommy immediately put some healing lotion on Jenny and Dennis. When it was Kevin’s turn, he proclaimed: “Thanks, I’m good. I already rubbed off the sunburn with my towel”. 

Dog at the doc

The family is at the dentist. The assistant tells Jessica “The Doc will be right in.” Jessica’s eyes open up wide with excitement. She turns around and asks: “Mommy, Hund komme?”

Weird Scale

Little Kevin is getting ready to hit the shower and is quickly stepping onto the bathroom scale. Looking down at the numbers, he enthusiastically calls: “Daddy, look how old I am!” 

What a Bargain 

sampleThey were on sale. So we took a four pack. A real bargain, or rather a return item? Post your thoughts – I surely made up my mind.

Below some reactions to the posting from our Facebook friends:

  • "Reminds me of "cheaper by the dozen"
  • "take them back"
  • "I think you got a great deal!"
  • "I took only one but the price was not that good, 12 USD is quiet a good deal"
  • "hahaha I love it" [Dennis]
  • "I would be so very happy to have such charming, smart 12 year old daughter like the one standing there." [Jennifer]
  • "What about the maintenance ... guess that's hidden in the fine print"
  • "impulse buying...gets you all the time!"