Welcome to Planet Hofmann

Welcome to our little planet - the cyber home of Markus, Bettina, Jennifer, Dennis, Kevin, and Jessica. We are a bunch of happy people who love each other and enjoy having fun together.

Come in and explore - you will find some information about the latest happenings around our family, links to our photo gallery and to our family blog, and some hints and tips on what to do at the wonderful Jersey Shore.

Photo And Video Gallery

sampleWe maintain our own little photo and video gallery - The Hofmann Gallery - where we keep our high quality family photos and videos available to enjoy not only on a  PC, but also on a TV set, smartphone, tablet, or whatever gadget we might have at hand. It is always lots of fun watching the flashbacks of our past adventures together.

Family Blog

sampleWe maintain our own little blog - The Hofmann Blog - where we post short snippets, videos, and photos about the latest happenings surrounding our family. Our favorite category on the blog must be "It's Funny" - stories that made us all laugh so hard, when they happened. The kids spend hours reading up on our blog.