Family Resources

This page serves as a portal to various online resources our family frequently utilizes. Our family members can access their email trough the login box and the left, and below you will find links to various Web sites and resources frequently being used by us. Just click on the respective logo to land at the corrresponding site.

Sports And activities

American Eagles Hockey ClubThe boys are both playing ice hockey for the American Eagles Hockey Club now. The Eaglees play ouf of the Gold Coast Arena in Wall, New Jersey. It has been a very fun and fruitful experience so far. Their coaches have been terrific. It is amazing to see how much the kids improved and how much fun they have playing the sport. They are totally into it.

Baymar FarmJennifer loves horses and everything that has to do with those interesting four legged animals. She talks Mom and Dad as often as possible into driving her for horseback riding at Baymar Farms. And Jenny can be quite persuasive... So we do not only spend a lot of time at freezing hockey rings, but also at the side of dusty horse arenas. But it is all worth it seeing how much fun Jennifer has.