Frequently Answered Questions

Many of our friends and colleagues who come visiting have similar questions. What's the weather gonna be like when I'm there? How do I get into the City? Are there any nice beaches closeby? What about that ferry - when and where does it leave? And what about ground transportation from the airport?

Rather than answering the questions each time they are posed, we are providing a few helpful links and pointers to Web resources in this page. If any questions remain - come on, let us know, and we weil lgive it our best try.

What airport should i fly into?

By far the best option is flying into Newark Liberty Airport (EWR). It is the closest and the most convenient airport to reach, with ground transportation options ranging from rental car, to train and shuttle services. Another option would be John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK), but it is further away and traffic around Manhatten often makes travel times unpredictable.

For domestic flights, LaGuardia Airport (LGA), Atlantic City Airport (ACY), and Philadelphia Airport (PHL) are additional options, but all of them being a little further away. LaGuardia, in particular, is inconvenient due to traffic around Manhattan.

is there public transportation in new jersey?

Yes, there is public transportation in New Jersey and we list some convenient options below. But to be honest - you will need a rental car in our area of the woods in order to get around. You will be able to catch a train or a ferry into the city, but getting to the train station or the ferry terminal will require a car.