Reliable and Scalable Multicast
on the Internet

Latest Software Releases:
Unix, Release 2.0e (02/22/99)
Windows NT/95, Release 1.0 (07/22/99)

The Local Group Concept (LGC), firstly introduced in 1994, defines a set of generic algorithms for the provision of reliable multicast in large-scale, heterogeneous networks. It was one of the first approaches proposing local error recovery and using a hierarchy for acknowledgment processing. The multicast algorithms defined by LGC minimize sender implosion and provide efficient error correction schemes in the context of global networking.

Two separate protocols have been specified and implemented based on the mechanisms defined by LGC:

Large-scale measurements on the Internet involving up to 50 machines located at 16 geographically dispersed sites in Canada, England, France, Germany, and the USA showed significant performance gains for LGMP compared to other approaches on reliable multicast (please check out the corresponding technical report).

LGMP/LGCP implementations are available on a variety of different platforms, such as Linux, Solaris, Digital Unix, SCO UnixWare, Windows NT and Windows 95. Click here for more information.

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