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While my life is all centered around our wonderful family, this Web site is mostly about the job-related aspects of my life. To learn more about our family, I invite you to check out the link under the "Family" tab - or better stop by and get to know us :)

I joined Bell Labs in 1998, transitioning from researcher, to project leader, to become the Head of Bell Labs Research - Alcatel-Lucent's 800-plus persons research organization. Bell Labs is globally recognized for inventions that shaped the world of telecommunications and technology, including the transistor, the laser, DSL, UNIX, C and C++, Solar Cells and MIMO. Seven Nobel Prizes have been awarded for work completed at Bell Laboratories. In my current role as Executive Vice President, I have been building up Bell Labs’ new IP Platforms research program, leading a global research team in inventing and creating disruptive technologies in the software and systems space. My responsibilities includes the overall research portfolio from vision setting, project inception through execution and business transfer.

For the Spring 2005, Spring 2006 and Spring 2007 semesters, I also served as Adjunct Professor at Columbia University in New York, USA, teaching a graduate course on Content Networking. Since 2013, I am also serving on the Advisory Board of the Computing Science Department at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and on the Advisory Board of Number Eight Capital.

In my earlier role as Head of Bell Labs Research, I have been involved in a broad spectrum of exciting leading edge technologies and innovations, ranging from quantum computing, to optical and wireless networking, routing, distributed systems, to software and application technologies. My core area of expertise and current research focus is on next-generation content networking and cloud computing solutions, network virtualization, data analytic systems, multicast technologies, network architectures and protocols for services converging the Web with telephony, digital TV, messaging - developing Future Communications solutions for a world beyond the Web, email, and the phone.

Before I joined Bell Labs in May 1998, I worked as a Research Assistant in the High Performance Networking Group at University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

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