Content Networking 
Architecture, Protocols, and Practice  


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"THE Book about Content Networking..."

By Markus Hofmann and Leland Beaumont.

Available now, Hardback, 358 pages, ISBN 1-55860-834-6.

...combines the vision and rigor of a prominent researcher with the practical experience of a seasoned development engineer to provide a unique combination of theoretical depth and practical application.

As the Internet has grown, so have the challenges associated with delivering static, streaming, and dynamic content to end-users. This book is unique in that it addresses the topic of content networking exclusively and comprehensively, tracing the evolution from traditional web caching to today's open and vastly more flexible architecture. With this evolutionary approach, the authors emphasize the field's most persistent concepts, principles, and mechanisms - the core information that will help you understand why and how content delivery works today, and apply that knowledge in the future.

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