Example 4-1 is a SMIL program that presents “hello world” in images and audio. You can copy this example, name it hello.smil, and run it using an available SMIL player device. Real Networks (www.real.com) provides a free download of their RealOne Player that can render this file. Also, The Center for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam makes their AMBULANT open-source SMIL Player available from: http://www.cwi.nl/projects/Ambulant/.

<layout> <!-Create the canvas and two display regions ->
	<root-layout width="248" height="300"
		background-color="blue" />
	     <region id="a" top="20" left="64" />
	     <region id="b" top="120" left="20"/>
	<img src="http://www.content-networking.com/smil/hello.jpg"
	     dur="6s"/> <!-Display "Hello" image now for 6 seconds ->
	<img src="http://www.content-networking.com/smil/earthrise.jpg"
	     end="8s"/> <!-Display the "World" image after 2 seconds ->
	<audio src="http://www.content-networking.com/smil/hello.wav"
	     begin="4s"/> <!- Begin the audio after 4 seconds ->

Example 4.1. A SMIL File to present “hello world” in images and audio. Extracted from page 93, chapter 4 of Content Networking