Content Networking 
Architecture, Protocols, and Practice  


Many of the documents referenced throughout the book Content Networking are Requests for Comments (RFCs) published by the IETF. To simplify their reference and retrieval, this list of relevant RFCs is presented in numeric order. The full text of any RFC is freely available from the IETF Web site at Updated references will be marked with a *. Non-RFC references can be found here.

RFC 1Crocker, S.: "Host Software," April 7, 1969.
RFC 114 Bhushan, A.: "A File Transfer Protocol," April 1971.
RFC 952 Harrenstien, K., Stahl, M., Feinler, E.: "DoD Internet Host Table Specification," October 1985.
RFC 953 Harrenstien, K., Stahl, M., Feinler, E.: "HOSTNAME Server," October 1985.
RFC 959Postel, J., Reynolds, J.: "File Transfer Protocol," October 1985.
RFC 976 Horton, M. R.: "UUCP Mail Interchange Format Standard," February 1986.
RFC 1034 Mockapetris, P.: "Domain Names—Concepts and Facilities," November 1987.
RFC 1035Mockapetris, P.: "Domain Names—Implementation and Specification," November 1987.
RFC 1075Waitzman, D., Partridge, C., Deering, S.: "Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol," November 1988.
RFC 1112Deering, S.: "Host Extensions for IP Multicasting," August 1989.
RFC 1321Rivest, R.: "The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm," April 1992.
RFC 1436Anklesaria, F., McCahill, M., Lindner, P., Johnson, D., Torrey, D., Alberti, B.: "The Internet Gopher Protocol," March 1993.
RFC 1458Braudes, R., Zabele, S.: "Requirements for Multicast Protocols," May 1993.
RFC 1459Oikarinen, J., Reed, D.: "Internet Relay Chat Protocol," May 1993.
RFC 1466Gerich, E.: "Guidelines for Management of IP Address Space," May 1993.
RFC 1480Cooper, A., Postel, J.: "The US Domain," June 1993.
RFC 1546Partridge, C., Mendez, T., Milliken, W.: "Host Anycasting Services," November 1993.
RFC 1591Postel, J.: "Domain Name System Structure and Delegation," March 1994.
RFC 1597Rekhter, Y., Moskowitz, B., Karrenberg, D., de Groot, G. J.: "Address Allocation for Private Internets," March 1994.
RFC 1630Berners-Lee, T.: "Universal Resource Identifiers in WWW," June 1994.
RFC 1631Egevang, K., Francis, P.: "The IP Network Address Translator (NAT)," May 1994.
RFC 1737Sollins, K., Masinter, L.: "Functional Requirements for Uniform Resource Names," December 1994.
RFC 1738Berners-Lee, T., Masinter, L., McCahill, M.: "Uniform Resource Locators (URL)," December 1994.
RFC 1739Kessler, G., Shepard, S.: "A Primer on Internet and TCP/IP Tools," December 1994.
RFC 1796Huitema, C., Postel, J., Crocker, S.: "Not All RFCs Are Standards," April 1995.
RFC 1808Fielding, R.: "Relative Uniform Resource Locators," June 1995.
RFC 1847Galvin, J., Murphy, S., Crocker, S., Freed, N.: "Security Multiparts for MIME: Multipart/Signed and Multipart/Encrypted," October 1995.
RFC 1866Berners-Lee, T., Connolly, D.: "Hypertext Markup Language—2.0," November 1995.
RFC 1889Schulzrinne, H., Casner, S., Frederick, R., Jacobson, V.: "RTP: A Transport Protocol for Real-Time Applications," Audio–Video Transport Working Group, January 1996.
RFC 1890Schulzrinne, H.: "RTP Profile for Audio and Video Conferences with Minimal Control," January 1996.
RFC 1918 Rekhter, Y., Moskowitz, B., Karrenberg, D., de Groot, G.J., Lear, E.: "Address Allocation for Private Internets," February 1996.
RFC 1928Leech, M., Ganis, M., Lee, Y., Kuris, R., Koblas, D., Jones, L.: "SOCKS Protocol Version 5," March 1996.
RFC 1942Raggett, D.: "HTML Tables," May 1996.
RFC 1945Berners-Lee, T., Fielding, R., Frystyk, H.: "Hypertext Transfer Protocol—HTTP/1.0," May 1996.
RFC 1983*Malkin, G. Editor: "Internet Users' Glossary", August 1996.
RFC 2026Bradner, S.: "The Internet Standards Process—Revision 3," October 1996.
RFC 2045Freed, N., Borenstein, N.: "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies," November 1996.
RFC 2068Fielding, R., Gettys, J., Mogul, J., Frystyk, H., Berners-Lee, T.: "Hypertext Transfer Protocol—HTTP/1.1," January 1997.
RFC 2119Bradner, S.: "Key Words for Use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels," March 1997.
RFC 2141Moats, R.: "URN Syntax," May 1997.
RFC 2186Wessels, D., Claffy, K.: "Internet Cache Protocol (ICP), Version 2," September 1997.
RFC 2187Wessels, D., Claffy, K.: "Application of the Internet Cache Protocol, Version 2," September 1997.
RFC 2222Myers, J.: "Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL)," October 1997.
RFC 2234Crocker, D., Overell, P.: "Augmented BNF for Syntax Specifications: ABNF," November 1997.
RFC 2246Dierks, T., Allen, C., Treese, W., Karlton, P., Freier, A., Kocher, P.: "The TLS Protocol Version 1.0," January 1999.
RFC 2326Schulzrinne, H., Rao, A., Lanphier, R.: "Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)," Network Working Group, April 1998.
RFC 2327Handley, M., Jacobson, V.: "SDP: Session Description Protocol," April 1998.
RFC 2338Knight, S., Weaver, D., Whipple, D., Hinden, R., Mitzel, D., Hunt, P., Higginson, P., Shand, M., Lindem A.: "Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol," April 1998.
RFC 2360Scott, G. (ed): "Guide for Internet Standards Writers," June 1998.
RFC 2396Berners-Lee, T., Fielding, R., Masinter, L.: "Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax," August 1998.
RFC 2535Eastlake, D.: "Domain Name System Security Extensions," March 1999.
RFC 2543Handley, M., Schulzrinne, H., Schooler, E., Rosenberg, J.: "SIP: Session Initiation Protocol," March 1999.
RFC 2555RFC editor, et al: "30 Years of RFCs," April 7, 1999.
RFC 2616Fielding, R., Gettys, J., Mogul, J., Frystyk, H., Masinter, L., Leach, P., Berners-Lee, T.: "Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1,"  June 1999.
RFC 2617Frank, J., Hallam-Baker, P., Hostetler, J., Lawrence, S., Leach, P., Luotonen, A., Sink, E., Stewart, L.: "HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication," RFC 2617, June 1999.
RFC 2775Carpenter, B.: "Internet Transparency," IETF, February 2000.
RFC 2778Day, M., Rosenberg, J., Sugano, H.: "A Model for Presence and Instant Messaging," February 2000.
RFC 2779Day, M., Aggarwal, S., Mohr, G., Vincent, J.: "Instant Messaging/Presence Protocol Requirements," February 2000.
RFC 2822Resnick, P.: "Internet Message Format," April 2001.
RFC 2914Floyd, S.: "Congestion Control Principles," September 2000.
RFC 2965Kristol, D., Montulli, L.: "HTTP State Management Mechanism," October 2000.
RFC 2993Hain, T.: "Architectural Implications of NAT," November 2000.
RFC 3092Eastlake 3rd, D., Manros, C., Raymond, E.: "Etymology of ‘Foo’," April 1, 2001.
RFC 3160Malkin, G., Harris, S.: "The Tao of IETF: A Novice’s Guide to the Internet Engineering Task Force," August 2001.
RFC 3238Floyd, S., Daigle, L.: "IAB Architectural and Policy Considerations for Open Pluggable Edge Services," January 2002.
RFC 3261Rosenberg, J., Schulzrinne, H., Camarillo, G., Johnston, A., Peterson, J., Sparks, R., Handley, M., Schooler, E.: SIP: "Session Initiation Protocol," June 2002.
RFC 3265Roach, A. B.: "Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-Specific Event Notification," June 2002.
RFC 3411Harrington, D., Presuhn, R., Wijun, B.: "An Architecture for Describing Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Management Frameworks," December 2002.
RFC 3466Day, M., Cain, B., Tomlinson, G., Rzewski, P.: "A Model for Content Internetworking (CDI)," February 2003.
RFC 3490Faltstrom, P., Hoffman, P., Costello, A.: "Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)," March 2003.
RFC 3507Elson, J., Cerpa, A.: "Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)," April 2003.
RFC 3568Barbir, A., Cain, B., Nair, R., Spatscheck, O.: "Known Content Network (CN) Request-Routing Mechanisms," July 2003.
RFC 3752Barbir, A., Burger, E., Chen, R., McHenry, S., Orman, H., Penno, R.: "OPES Use Cases and Deployment Scenarios," Internet Request for Comments, April 2004.
RFC 3835Barbir, A., Penno, R., Chen, R., Hofmann, M., and Orman, H.: "An Architecture for Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES)," August 2004.
RFC 3836Beck, A., Hofmann, M., Orman, H., Penno, R., and Terzis, A.: "Requirements for Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Callout Protocols," August 2004.
RFC 3856Rosenberg, J.: "A Presence Event Package for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)," August 2004.
RFC 3859Peterson, J.: "Common Profile for Presence (CPP)," August 2004.
RFC 3860Peterson, J.: "Common Profile for Instant Messaging (CPIM)," August 2004.
RFC 3861Peterson, J.: "Address Resolution for Instant Messaging and Presence," August 2004
RFC 3862Atkins, D., Klyne, G.: "Common Presence and Instant Messaging: Message Format," August 2004.
RFC 3863Sugano, H., Fujimoto, S., Klyne, G., Bateman, A., Carr, W., Peterson, J.: "Presence Information Data Format (PIDF)," August 2004.
RFC 3914Barbir, A., Rousskov, A.: "Open Pluggable Edge Services (OPES) Treatment of IAB Considerations," October 2004.
RFC 3920Saint-Andre, P. (ed): "Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Core," October 2004.
RFC 3921Saint-Andre, P. (ed): "Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP): Instant Messaging and Presence," October 2004.
RFC 3922Saint-Andre, P.: "Mapping the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) to Common Presence and Instant Messaging (CPIM)," October 2004.
RFC 3935Alvestrand, H.: "A Mission Statement for the IETF," October 2004.

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